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Business Project Manager - Sales Scope CRM Responsible

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1         Context

The MS CRM (Microsoft Dynamics Customer relationship management) system is the main Eurofins software application for Customer data management. The application is managed at Group level by the Group CRM team (

The MS CRM allows sharing Customer and Prospect data between Account Managers (AM), Analytical Service Managers (ASM) and other departments and enables collaborative and systematic sales activities. The three main functionalities are the Account management (= Customer data management), the Opportunity management and the contact history management (including visit reports). MS CRM is also used by marketing teams for direct marketing activities. It can optionally be used for Customer service management.

2         Objectives and assignments

The Sales Scope CRM Responsible has four general areas of responsibility:

  1. Communication node between Group and Sales Scope
  2. Concrete usage of the MS CRM system.
  3. User access & rights.
  4. Data quality.

In these areas the strategies must be coordinated with the Sales Scope Leader (2.1) implementation of the strategies with the MS CRM tool must be planned (2.2) and executed together with the Sales Scope’s MS CRM user community (2.3).

2.1       The Sales Scope CRM Responsible supports the Managing Director / Sales & Marketing Director in defining the MS CRM usage strategy.

This includes strategies for (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Understand and keep updated on the Account management, Sales, Marketing and Service processes from the relevant KGDs. Develop a common understanding with the Managing Director / Sales & Marketing Director about the KGD processes.
  2. Support the definition of Account management, Sales, Marketing and Service processes.
    • Make sure that the ultimate needs in terms of documentation of process inputs/steps/outcomes as well as the reporting needs are considered.
    • Make sure the KGD processes are respected.
    • Document any additional requirements or refinement of the KGD processes to meet the local business needs.
  1. Support the definition of distinct user groups for the MS CRM system.
    • Under consideration of the user licence budget defined in the Eurofins Global Franchise Model (EGFM).
  1. Support the definition of data quality targets.

2.2       The Sales Scope CRM Responsible develops concrete local MS CRM usage guidelines from the MS CRM usage strategy.

This includes (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Participate in the SS CR trainings provided by the Group CRM team.
    • Consult the Group CRM team in order to learn MS CRM best practices.
  1. Translate the MS CRM usage strategy in concrete local MS CRM usage guidelines.
    • Document the local MS CRM usage guidelines.
    • Train the different user groups how they should use the MS CRM system (according to their role).
    • Set up control mechanisms to ensure the compliance to the local guidelines.
    • The local MS CRM usage guidelines include (non-exhaustive list):
      • Define which CRM concepts to be used (and which ones not).
      • Define local lists within the MS CRM system (e.g. competitors list).
      • Timeframe configurations (e.g. New Customer to Active Customer).
      • Rules for object creation (e.g. threshold of $10.000 for Opportunity creation).
      • Define Address naming conventions.
      • Give Parent Account structure guidelines.
      • Define, if required, how a Lab/Site that is not using a LIMS linked to CRM should use CRM in the Sales Scope
      • Define guidelines for CRM Data Owners e.g. under which conditions Account Duplicates are permissible.
      • Form configuration (e.g. mandatory fields, hiding fields, renaming labels, etc.)
      • Optional: manage local language settings (translation of all field and concept names).
  1. Define and document (based on the MS CRM user request template) different user rights for the identified user groups of the MS CRM system.
  2. Define and implement a strategy to achieve the data quality targets.  
    • Plan measures/projects and initiatives to improve the data quality of the Sales Scope.
    • Make sure the local MS CRM usage guidelines include strategies to avoid the creation of Accidental Account Duplicates, but also instructions on how to identify and resolve them.
    • Manage the network of CRM Data Owners.
      • Make sure each Lab/Site has at least one CRM Data Owner.

2.3       The Sales Scope CRM Responsible organises the MS CRM Community under his/her responsibility and executes central tasks.

This includes (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Act as communication node between the Group CRM team and the local stakeholders.
    • Attend user committee meetings organized by the Group CRM team.
    • Seek help from Group CRM team when needed.
    • Support the Group CRM team in maintaining the deployment roadmap for his/her Sales Scope (inform about new BUs using CRM/ LIMS systems connected).
    • Actively contribute in user acceptance testing of big MS CRM changes (e.g. new version).
    • Define and implement a clear information flow between all local MS CRM stakeholders (SS CR local backups, CRM Data Owners, production system manager, Managing Director / Sales & Marketing Director, MS CRM end users).
    • Dispatch Group information to the local MS CRM stakeholders’ network.
    • Report bugs found in the MS CRM system to the CRM service desk.
    • Act as the local Project Manager in the initial MS CRM deployment project and whenever the MS CRM system is rolled out to a new Lab/Site within the Sales Scope.
    • Report relevant local business requirements to the Group CRM team.
  1. Enforce the local MS CRM usage guidelines within the Sales Scope.
    • Train MS CRM end user groups (including CRM Data Owners) according to their role.
    • Control the correct usage of the MS CRM according to the local MS CRM usage guidelines.
    • Organise the help desk for the MS CRM end users (provide support directly or via a SS CR local backup network).
    • Execute or manage the execution of central (advanced) tasks including (non-exhaustive list):
      • Excel export execution for documentation and reporting.
      • Preparation of special dashboards and views.
      • Execution and follow-up of mailing campaigns.
      • Import of Lead lists.
    • Request changes needed to support the local MS CRM usage strategy.
      • Clearly define the request, be available for questions.
      • Conduct extensive user acceptance tests for the requested changes on the qualification environment. Give a formal sign off.
  1. Request the creation of new users, the deactivation and user right changes for existing users to the CRM service desk.
  2. Assume responsibility for the quality of the Customer data within the Sales Scope.
    • Manage measures/projects and initiatives required to achieve the data quality targets.
    • Supervise and support the CRM Data Owners activities in accordance to the data quality targets.
    • Manage the data maintenance requests sent by the Group CRM team.

3         Recommendations

The position of Sales Scope CRM Responsible is a full time position at least for larger Sales Scopes. If it cannot be made a full time position, the time dedicated to this position should be sufficient to allow the SS CR to fulfil his/her various responsibilities as SS CR.

The SS CR should be assisted by a SS CR deputy in order to cover holiday periods, work volume peaks and also the sudden retirement of the SS CR.

Depending on the size of the Sales Scope it is recommended to create a network of SS CR local backups in order to provide direct support to all end-users at all Sites.

  • SS CR local backups must be trained and supported by the SS CR. The Group CRM team supports only one SS CR per Sales Scope plus one deputy.
  • An overlap between SS CR local backups and CRM Data Owners is recommended.

The SS CR should be a person we expect to stay long term with Eurofins. Gaining the required know-how is a significant investment in time.


  • Be an IT affine person.
  • Familiar with advanced functionalities of MS Office (especially Excel and Outlook).
  • Be able to grasp complex concepts, have a very structured mind.
  • Have a strong sense of detail.
  • Have very good communication skills.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Be able to defend his/her position with sound arguments.
  • Have a clear overview/good understanding of the other EurIS Applications used within the sales process of the Sales Scope (e.g. CLQ, CLO, EOL, OSO, eLIMS, etc.).
  • Have a detailed understanding of CRM concepts and a very good knowledge of Customer, Sales, Marketing and Service KGDs and CRM applications.

REPORTING TO        ND Managing Director or ND Marketing & Sales Director

Preferably, the SS CR comes from “the Business”. The SS CR could be - but not necessarily required - a Marketing or Sales Manager or an ASM. It is not an IT position.

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