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Ambient air, indoor air & compressed air

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Want to control your pool air or the microbiological quality of your indoor air or compressed air?

We help you to:

  • Ensure that your compressed air/gas circuits are operating properly
  • Preserve the health of your employees
  • Guarantee the comfort of your users

Our solutions

Inspecting the quality of your air or compressed gases

You have an industry with a network of air and/or gas (automotive, pharmaceutical, etc.) and want to control the microbiological quality of the air/gas of your networks in order to:

  • Guarantee the sterility of your compressed air/gas
  • Manage your processes as efficiently as possible

We offer a simplified approach for sampling using our innovative system requiring only a single tap on the network.

We analyse a wide variety of micro-organisms (total flora, sulphite-reducing bacteria, moulds, etc.)


Inspecting the ambient air of your aquatic facility

AFSSET's advice is to check the tri-halomethanes (THMs) and chloramines in the air once or twice a year depending on your air treatment facility.

We suggest that you:

  • Take samples of the air over a period of 6 hours
  • Analyse the THMS and chloramines
  • Draft a report that interprets these results, indicates the target levels and summarises the results

In addition to these analyses and in order to give you the most comprehensive report possible, we can also measure carbon dioxide (CO2) over 4 hours continuously.


Inspecting the quality of your indoor air

You have a mould problem in your premises, etc.

We can carry out an inventory of your indoor environments and are able to search for a wide variety of micro-organisms (moulds, yeasts, specific pathogens: mycobacteria, legionella, etc.)

We can also make a proposal to measure the exposure of your employees to potential pathogens (legionella, mycobacteria, etc.) thanks to the CIP 10 M pump that accompanies them throughout their working day.

Using a device that is fitted to the tip of your vacuum cleaner, we can take and then look for the presence of allergens in the dust: mites, rat, mouse, cockroaches, etc.


For more information

Download our brochure that sets out all our services for aquatic establishments

Download the brochure for the communities of towns, cities and town halls to discover a range of services suited to their needs

Consult the AFSSET notice: Evaluation of sanitary risks related to swimming pools - Part 1: regulated swimming pools


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